The Bryan Clay Foundation


Coined in 1912 when king Gustav V of Sweden told Jim Thorpe “You, sir, are the World’s Greatest Athlete” after winning the decathlon, the title endures to this day as an honor to the one who wins the World and/or Olympic decathlon. Already the Silver medalist in 2004, Bryan Clay earned the title in 2005 as the World Champion and again in 2008 as the Olympic Gold medalist. Clay is among the very few decathletes to ever hold two Olympic medals.

As fate would have it, the London 2012 Games brought new challenges, endeavors and a budding new career for Clay. As a brand ambassador for BP, Oakley, Asics, Visa, Ralph Lauren & Deloitte, Clay was busier than ever and a sought after figure in London.

The FOX Sports studio became a second home to Clay, as he joined fellow Olympians Amy Van Dyken and Maurice Green on a daily panel, discussing Olympics performances, controversial hot topics and conducting intimate one on one interviews with many of the top American athletes.

As his Olympic career comes to a close, Glendora’s Olympic hero has his eyes set on new endeavors and diving deeper into the Bryan Clay Foundation. The BCF is part of Clay’s life work, and will continue to be mainstay in the Glendora community.

The Bryan Clay Foundation was founded in 2005 to help “build champions, and change lives” and give kids as many opportunities as possible. By doing this, we are opening a door for youth to build their self-confidence and then equipping them with the practical tools necessary to maximize their potential.

Growing up I wasn’t the fastest, the strongest, or the smartest kid. I came from a broken home and was a bit of a trouble maker growing up. But, thanks to my mom, I found track and field. I discovered I was fast and that I could hone my talents into one dream- winning an Olympic Gold Medal. Through my sponsors and donors, we are drawing together to help kids dive into their gifts and talents, build their character, and live life fulfilled. I hope you will join me in giving back.

– Bryan Clay

Vision: “Building champions, changing lives.”

Mission: To make a positive impact on today’s youth by helping motivate them and empower those around them with the opportunities and tools necessary to maximize their the youths’ full potential.

Core Values: Optimism, perseverance, accountability, and an un-compromised standard of excellence in action and attitude.

The Bryan Clay Foundation advocates for healthy, balanced living and providing programs that:

  • Stimulate and encourage Personal Development and Financial Literacy
  • Foster Authentic Community Empowerment Activities
  • Initiate Athletic and Fitness Programs to reinforce active life styles
  • Create the ability to provide financial assistance in the communities we serve